Requirements for Weddings and 'Use of Church' Form 


Requirements for Weddings and 'Use of Church' Form



You are welcome to use 'Our Lady', Star of the Sea Church for your wedding ceremony, but please note the following points;

      A. If you are living outside the parish:

            1. Please seek permission from your priest to marry here.

            2. If possible, have your own priest officiate at your ceremony.

      B. Documents:

            You will need the following documents;

            1. Baptismal Certificates (issued within six months of the wedding)             and confirmation certificates.

            2. Pre-nuptial enquiry forms for both parties (filled in by the priest             of your Parish)

            3. Pre-marriage Course Certificate.

            4. Notification to the Civil Register.

            5. Receipt of Civil Notification to be forwarded with other             documentation.

            6. Marriage papers from abroad should be forwarded through the             local Bishop to:

                     The Reverend Secretary,

                     P.O. Box 40,

                     Bishop's House,



            A translation of foreign language papers is required.

      C. An offering of €350 for the use of the Church and facilities is usually made at the time of booking. Please enclose it with the application form.

      D. Floral arrangements are your own responsibility, however, we would appreciate it if they were left in the church following the wedding ceremony. 

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