Weekly Newsletter for 20th August, 2017


The Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time



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Michael & Peter Nolan, Mass this Saturday.

Maimie Foley, Mass this Sunday at 9am.

May they all rest in the peace of Christ. Amen.





That artists of our time, through their ingenuity, may help everyone discover the beauty of creation.



We can all draw some comfort from today's gospel storey. The apostle's reaction was not unlike our own. For them the Canaanite woman was a nuisance. They just wanted Jesus to get rid of her. Indeed, Jesus' own reaction surprises us. At first he ignored her. Then he refused her and tried to put her off. However, she was very determined and refused to take no for an answer, finally, he granted her request. What it comes down to is this: we are afraid of the cry of the poor. An encounter with a beggar can be a disturbing experience. It can stir up unpleasant things inside us. It tends to arouse within us conflicting feelings of pity, discomfort, anger and guilt. We hate what we discover about ourselves. And unless we are careful we may direct that hate at the poor unfortunate person who has dared to approach us. An encounter with a poor person can be a humbling experience because it makes us aware of our own poverty. We realise that while the beggar is materially poor, we are poor in a different sense. We are poor in compassion, poor in our willingness to help another person, poor in our capacity to love. Nevertheless, even though an encounter with a poor person may disturb us, it can also be fruitful. Through the poor we discover our own weakness and woundedness, which we are good at concealing. This means that we do not have to wear a ask and pretend to be what we are not. It thus results in a deep liberation. It puts us in touch with our true selves. The encounter can also awaken and reveal the heart.it can awaken within us feelings of tenderness and compassion, kindness and communion. It shows us that it is possible to be more, to love more and to give of ourselves more. It can change us. It calls us forth. It calls us to humanity. Thus it can lead to a new beginning.



She was a lady like many - the woman of the gospel today. She would fight for her child. So she took on Jesus, the best known religious figure around. Like someone taking on the Taoiseach over a medical card for a chronically ill child, and not letting him off the hook. Jesus was testing her. He saw faith, but he wanted everyone else to see it. So he told her she didn't fit into the local religious sphere because she was foreigner, an asylum seeker or a refugee. Or a lone mother who had a bad name. She knew she fitted into the heart of Jesus simply because she was the mother of a sick child. Even if he would cure everyone, maybe he would come back to her at the end. Even a discretionary cure, like a medical card! Jesus went further - he cured her child and praised her faith. She is another of the unnamed ones of the gospel. Like the woman of Samaria, the rich young man, the thief on Calvary - she is herself, and she is all of us. She is everyone, man and woman, of faith. Faith in a surprising God who in Jesus his Son, never says no to goodness. Faith that keeps us energetic and alive, not tired, in soul as well as body.

Lord, I believe, strengthen my faith.



Father in Heaven, ever-living source of all that is good, keep me faithful in serving You.

Help me to drink of Christ's Truth, and fill my heart with His Love so that I may serve You in faith and love and reach eternal life.
In the Sacrament of the Eucharist
You give me the joy of sharing Your Life.

Keep me in Your presence.
Let me never be separated from You and help me to do Your Will. Amen.



This Week: (2) Dora Kent, Ann French & Peggy Colfer.

Next Week: (1) Martin Kennedy, Diane O'Hara & Peggy Colfer.



26th August

Caroline Bennett & Catherine Ennis

2nd September

Kathleen Colfer, Bridget Kennedy & Peggy Colfer



Kindness is a virtue given by the Lord.

It pays dividends in happiness and joy is its reward.

For if you practice kindness in all you say and do.

The Lord will wrap his kindness all around your heart and you.

And wrapped within his kindness you are sheltered and secure.

And under his direction your way is safe and sure.



A Junior & Leaving Cert Study Group will begin in Duncannon National School on Monday, 4th September from 6pm to 9pm - €20 per month.



The Parents Supervised Study Group will continue in Campile Hall starting in September for the next School year 2017-2018.

This group is for any Student in 3rd, 5th or 6th year that might be interested in joining. Study is on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings from 6pm to 9pm, costing €20 per month.

To book in or make enquires contact Nicholas on (087) 941 8661 or Campile Hall on (087) 218 3300.



There will be a Family Fun Day at 3pm on Sunday, 20th August, in aid of Rory Whelan & Aidan Murray Benefit Fund. It will take place behind the Sláinte Bar, Ramsgrange, - Live Music outside, Bouncy Castle with slides, Connect 4, Bottle Stall, Wheelbarrow Race, Footy Golf, Balloon Art, and a Monster Raffle for 42" TV and many more prizes.



Starting in September, volunteers are needed to collect and record Penny Bank subscriptions one Friday morning each month from 9am to 10.30am, at Duncannon National School. For more information please contact Rosemary on (086) 067 9715.



Next monthly meeting

Monday, 4th September, in St. Louis Day Care Centre starting at 2.15pm.

Come along for a chat with new and old friends over a cup of tea and a bun.

New members welcome.

Social Evenings

Social Evenings are held in the St. Louis Day Care Centre at 7.30 every second Tuesday.

Kennedy Homestead Dunganstown Tea Party

On 8th September - €15 - An afternoon of talks, cookery demonstrations, entertainment and light refreshments with Pastry Chef Paul Kelly, Chef Kevin Dundon, Mike Connor Culinary Arts and Food. Bus leaving Wellingtonbridge at 1.00pm; Elm Tree Cross 1.10pm; Balliniry Cross 1.15pm; Ramsgrange Car Park at 1.30 pm; Campile 1.40 pm: To book, phone (051) 389 012 or (087) 054 4976.

Sláinte - The Show - Waterford

Wednesday, 13th September - €15 for show and coach.

Waterford is not only the oldest City but the Quayside has witnessed, first-hand, some of the defining events which have defined Irish History.

The REG with local Historian; Dermot Power and Musical Director; Colin Harries have developed a unique musical, historical and entertaining journey through many of these events.

The Coach will pick up in Ramsgrange 5.30pm. To book, Please call Kelly on (087) 637 2084. Payment must be paid in full at the meeting on 4th September.



The Pilgrimage Season in Our Lady's Island continues and runs until 8th September. The full programme is on the notice board in the porch.



Main Street, Duncannon

The Cockleshell Art Room will be open tomorrow Sunday from 11am to 6pm.



The AGM of Duncannon Village Renewal will take place in the Star of the Sea Community Centre on Tuesday next, 22nd August at 8pm.

All are welcome.



Thanks to all who contributed to the Church Gate Collection for Down Syndrome Wexford, last Sunday. €316.15 was raised.



South West Wexford FRC Community Employment Scheme

We have vacancies in the following areas on our forthcoming Community Employment Scheme at South West Wexford Family Resource Centre:

Þ Childcare workers

Þ Front Desk Receptionists

Þ Administrators

Þ General Cleaner

Þ Caretaker/Maintenance

Þ Cleaner to support the Sugradh Childcare Centre

Þ Community Café

Þ Youth

Please contact Tilly Carroll, CE Scheme Supervisor on (051) 389 418 for Application Form or pick up at Reception. Please ensure you are registered with DSP and if you have been signed off by Job Path (Turas Nua) you are now entitled to apply for a Community Employment Scheme.



1. The problem with political jokes is they get elected. -Henry Cate, VII

2. We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office. - Aesop

3. If we got one-tenth of what was promised to us in these State of the Union speeches, there wouldn't be any inducement to go to heaven. - Will Rogers