Weekly Newsletter for 16th February, 2020


The Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time


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Repeat a favourite gospel phrase as you breathe in; your out-breath is your thanks for this help in your life. Lord, your will be done each day in my life.



Mary Kate Doyle & Ned   O’Donohue, Mass this Sun at 9am.

Eileen Murphy, Mass this Sunday at 11am.

Patrick & Maureen Keogh, Mass next Saturday.

Catherine Wallace, Mass next Sunday at 9am.

Biddy Downes, Mass next Sunday at 11am.

May they all rest in peace. Amen.




Universal prayer intention - Listen to the Migrants’ Cries

We pray that the cries of our migrant brothers and sisters, victims of criminal trafficking, may be heard and considered.



As Sirach says, each person must choose between life and death … and whichever one chooses will be given. The choices we make every day have a life or death quality. Every day we are choosing in one direction or the other. We all have reasons for the choices we make. Sometimes we are seeking approval and acceptance, wanting to fit in and be liked. We choose based upon the costs, benefits and risks involved. Sometimes we may just give up and refuse to choose. Sometimes we choose power, control, or security. Often our choices are about self-protection or making ourselves feel happier. Or we might choose to make another feel bad, and attempt to get back at him or her; or more positively, we may choose to make amends and make up. Our experience of making choices brings us back to our reading from Sirach. There is one fundamental choice to be made — the choice between life and death. Where will I spend eternity? The choice that really matters in the end is between life and death. This ultimate criterion should affect all other choices. What good does it profit a person to gain the whole world, and lose ones soul? Bringing this to an everyday level: could our daily lifestyle be described as life-giving? Do we choose to help sustain and nurture life for ourselves and others? Or do we choose to diminish or ignore the good of others? Do we try to make our world a better place? While Jesus sets us a very high standard, Sirach claims that we can keep the commandments if we really want to.



In the run up to St Patrick’s Day, Ireland will exploit to the full our Christian heritage personified by the person of St Patrick. This is done not for religious reasons but for economic and cultural ones that benefit our image around the world and our economy. Yet at other times, Ireland’s Christian heritage is something that seems embarrassing and a relic of the past. In our interview this week, Fr Martin Pender gives an interview where he compares his experience of Sweden with Ireland and warns of the consequences of surrendering our Christian heritage in the name of progress and pluralism. Check these and other resources available at: www.thehookoffaith.com



From a very early age, we are encouraged to do what we told and asked. When we are young, we listen to and learn from our parents; we follow their example and do what they asked us to do. This continues when we go to school; the teacher asks to behave in a certain way and expects to follow the rules of the class and the school. There are rules of the road to help us drive safely with care and concern for other drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. Religion has rules too and this was as true at the time of Jesus as it is today for us today. However, there is always the danger that the letter of the law becomes more important than the spirit of the law. There is always the danger that the law becomes more important that the religion is seeks to guide and uphold.

We know from the gospels that Jesus had many battles and arguments with the Pharisees and Sadducees. These were the two groups who controlled and organised all the rites and rituals of the Jewish religion. However, Jesus said to the people, ‘Do not practise what they preach. They tie up heavy burdens and lay them on your shoulders, but will they lift a finger to move them? Not they!’ Despite their well-meaning intentions, they had let the letter of the law overtake the heart and spirit of the law.



A safeguarding person to replace the late Simon Kennedy. It is a rule in the diocese that each parish must have a safeguarding person.

Duncannon is the only parish in the Diocese without a safeguarding person at the moment.  



This Week: (2) Dora Kent, Marian McKee.

Next Week: (1) Martin Kennedy & Diane O'Hara.



22nd February:

Kathleen Colfer, Bridget Kennedy & Marian McKee.

29th February:

Ciss Wallace & Mary Wallace.



Medjugorje 2020

27th May - 3rd June - Direct flights to Mostar (half an hour from Medjugorje) - €725 - Accompanied by Fr. Jim Finn.

2nd - 9th September - €745 - Accompanied by Spiritual Director.

Prices are based on Per Person Sharing and include 7 nights air-conditioned accommodation, breakfast and dinner each day, Coach transfers, all airport and local taxes. Comprehensive travel insurance up to 84 years of age. For more information contact Ann Murphy (087) 225 4206.

Lourdes 2020

The Lourdes Pilgrimage takes place from the 9th to 14th May, led by Most Rev. Denis Brennan, D. D.

Tickets for the Pilgrimage and for assisted pilgrims can be had after any of the Masses or from Fr. John at the Parochial House.

Applications must be submitted by the 1st of March.

Fatima to Agueda

Diocese of Ferns, Camino de Santiago, The Portuguese Way, Fatima to Agueda, 170 Kms. approx., 15th - 22nd August, 2020, - €599.00 p.p. (Inc. Flights, Hostel Accommodation, Private Bus Transfers in Portugal & Insurance) Booking with O’Leary Travel Ltd. (053) 923 3178.



Lord Jesus, think on me and purge away my sins. From earth-born passions set me free, make me pure within.

May what is false within us before your truth give way, that we may live to praise you, today and to the end. Amen.



‘At Prayer with Thomas Merton’ presents daily prayers for dawn and dusk, drawn from the writings of the great 20th century.

Trappist mystic, Thomas Merton, interwoven with excerpts set to music. It is a beautiful resource for a contemplative start and finish to each day of the week: www.newpilgrimpath.ie



Annual Mass to Remember

Victims of Crime

You are invited to attend a special Mass to remember victims of crime on Sunday, 23rd February, at 12 noon in Knock Basilica, Co. Mayo.

This Mass is in association with the Federation for Victim Assistance and supports European Victim of Crime Day to remember all who suffer at the hands of criminals throughout the island of Ireland and Europe.

For more details please contact Mary, in our Victim Assistance head office, at Enterprise House, Aiden Street, Kiltimagh, Co. Mayo.

(086) 393 8871 or (1800) 277 477



Afternoon Tea

There will be an Afternoon Tea event on Wednesday 19th February, from 3.30 to 6pm in the Sportsman Inn, Ramsgrange - €5 per member - Music and a good old sing along, as well as good food. Please book early as places will go quickly.

Names will be taken at meeting, money to be paid at February meeting. For further information please contact Kelly on (087) 637 2084.                                                          

Holiday 2020 May

Annual Holiday 4th to 8th May, 2020, to Castlebar, Co. Mayo, with Anis Kehoe as our guide.

The cost of the trip is €365pps, (single supplement is €20 per night), Day trips, gratuities, etc. included in price. Deposit €50 before 3rd February, final payment by 6th April.

Non-members welcome to join us. Savings club open. Ring Mary B. on (087) 207 3966.



Mobile phone camera photo


Email your photo to:

photocompswwfrc@gmail.com - Include your name, mobile number, age and photo title - Closing date 19th February. Finalists photo will be displayed in the Community Café. More details available on SWWFRC Facebook.



The Jackpot for the next draw on 18th February, 2020, will be €14,000 (reserve jackpot €5,900). Tickets are available from committee members and local shops & pubs. €50 yearly lotto tickets are also available from (086) 882 0773.



Saturday, 22nd February, at 3pm:


(051) 421 255



If you have a Communion/Confirmation this year please contact St. Louis Day Care Centre for your catering needs. We provide a full range of outdoor catering, sweet and savoury foods, confectionery, cakes made to order, at reasonable rates for your special occasion. One weeks’ notice required for orders.

For further details please contact:

St. Louis Day Care Centre Ramsgrange, New Ross, Co. Wexford. (051) 389 509


www.stlouisdaycarecentre.ie or on Facebook: Senior Citizens Concern CLG

All proceeds go towards the running of St. Louis Day Care Centre for the Elderly Senior Citizens Concern CLG



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