Weekly Newsletter for 22nd October, 2017


The Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time



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Betty Somers, Mass this Saturday.

Jim Walsh, Mass this Sunday at 11am.

Mary Ann O'Shea & The O'Shea family, Mass next Sat.

Davy John Walters, Mass next Sunday at 11am.

May they all rest in the peace of Christ. Amen.




Workers and the Unemployed

That all workers may receive respect and protection of their rights, and that the unemployed may receive the opportunity to contribute to the common good.



In today's gospel the question of dual citizenship is raised. But it is a question which is set as a trap for Jesus. The answer of Jesus certainly surprised them. Instead of laying down hard and fast rules and regulations which he rarely did, he lays down principles as was usually the case. Here he lays down a very great and important one. Every Christian has dual citizenship. He is a citizen of the country in which he happens to live. To it he owes many things, security, public services etc. In a welfare state the citizen owes still more to the state, education, medical services, unemployment and retirement benefits. This places him under a debt of obligation. So a Christian has a duty to be a responsible citizen. Failure to be a good citizen is failure in Christian duty. But a Christian is also a citizen of heaven and he is expected to live according to the commandments, the Law of God. If there is a clash or an opposition between the two, doing what we believe to be God's will must prevail. Being against abortion would be an example. Today is Mission Sunday and we are being reminded that each of us, and not just those who go abroad as missionaries, is expected to be a missionary wherever we are. Of course, we need to support those who go abroad in whatever way we can, either by prayers for them and for missionary vocations as well as by our financial support. But in many countries now which are beginning to have a higher standard of living more people have stopped going to Church and living by Christian principles. We do not judge them but it is all the more important we live out our missionary calling by a life of real Christian witness. In the gospel when Jesus asks to see the coin the Pharisees and Herodians, who were out to trap him, paid the tax with Jesus asked them, whose head was on it, whose name. This was another way of saying 'whose image is on the coin?' Obviously it was that of the emperor Caesar. For us Christians it is not just an image stamped on a coin or something else external to us. We are told that we are created in the image and likeness of God. The image is stamped on our very being when we are created. This may have little effect for many people. It seems the image they live by is money, power etc rather than what is stamped on their very being. So on this Mission Sunday what image do we live out of? Are we conscious enough of our image and likeness to God? Do we live our lives accordingly? Do our behaviour and lifestyle show us to be missionaries so that others might be attracted to following Jesus because of us? The world we live in is highly influenced by image. More and more there is a danger that we are an image conscious people. Some young people risk their lives due to anorexia or bulimia because the image presented is that of being very slim. Others will follow pop stars some of whom have died because of an overdose. With billions being spent yearly on advertising we can be seduced into living according to an image created by outsides agencies. The Good News today is that God is telling us that we are incredibly blessed in being citizens of heaven, having his image and called to be real missionaries.



World Mission Sunday gives us the opportunity to carry out the Lord's exhortation in both ways: We could return to the poorest churches what they should have to pursue the mission of evangelization. In addition, we could show our gratitude to God for the mission that he has entrusted us at the heart of our Christian faith. This mission isn't something added to the Christian faith. On the contrary, it lies at the heart of the faith. All Christians are missionaries of the Gospel and they participate actively to the mission of Christ. Pope Francis calls us to a renewal of missionary outreach and to strive to reach the peripheries that need the light of the Gospel. "We are all invited to walk the streets of the world with our brothers and sisters, proclaiming and witnessing to our faith in Christ and making ourselves heralds of his Gospel."



Lord, we pray that we, the members of your Church, may be wise like Jesus with the wisdom that comes from being honest, from not being afraid of anyone because people's rank means nothing to us, and from giving you what belongs to you. Once rooted in his wisdom we can escape from the traps that are set for us by the false values of our time; we will recognise the things that have Caesar's image on them and have no problem giving them back to him. On the other hand we will recognise the things that bear your image alone.



Where Jesus is there is Hope; where Jesus is there is love for brothers and sisters, there is the commitment to safeguarding of life and their health, and to respecting the environment and nature. This is the hope that never disappoints, the hope which Jesus gives. (homily, Italy, July 26th 2014) If someone lends us something, we often treat it better than if it were our own. Somehow, we may realise its value better when it belongs to someone else. Jesus knows that things are his own, but they are also his Father's.

Do we realise that the people we meet and the world we live in belong to Him? Do we treat them that way?



This Week: (1) Martin Kennedy, Diane O'Hara & Peggy Colfer.

Next Week: (2) Dora Kent, Ann French & Peggy Colfer.



28th October

Kathleen Colfer, Bridget Kennedy & Peggy Colfer

4th November

Dervella Reburn & Lillian Kennedy



New Ross

(051) 421 255

Saturday, 28th October, at 3pm -Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie



New Pilgrim Path

The "Gratefulness" website, with a huge global following, was founded by Brother David Steindl-Rast, a Benedictine monk. The website offers programmes and practices to foster the ability to see the wonder and opportunity in every moment, and aims to motivate its visitors to act with love, generosity, and respect towards oneself, one another and the Earth. Access this and other rich online spiritual resources, via:




Following his very successful cabaret last year, the community of Mulrankin are delighted to announce that Michael English and his band will be returning to Clayton Whites Hotel this year on Thursday, 30th November, in concert with special guest Brendan Shine!!

Tickets cost €22.50 and it promises to be another great night, if last year is anything to go by. We're very lucky to be part of Michael's concert tour this year; he's starting in the Olympia on 11th October, and finishing with us in Wexford on 30th November.

All his concert tour dates will be advertised nationwide in the national papers and also through his own website, so demand is going to be high!

To avoid disappointment, order your tickets early by calling (087) 913 6932 or (087) 205 2820 or email us at:




There will be a Fundraising Table Quiz in Sláinte Bar, Ramsgrange, at 9.00pm on Saturday, 4th November, 2017, in aid of St. Louis Day Care Centre Mini-Bus fund.

Tables of four - Cost per person €10.00, Prize of €100.00 for winning table.

There will also be Raffle Prizes on the night.



We at South West Wexford FRC are supporting people to re-enter the workforce, gain practical work experience locally and work towards recognized qualifications through the opportunity of free Training at QQI Level 3 up to Level 6 and onwards. We are presently recruiting for the following:

¨ Front Desk Receptionist/Administrators and

¨ Community Café Assistant

under the above programme.

The criteria for participating on the CE Scheme programme are over 21 years old and in receipt of a Social Welfare payment for 12 months or more. For further information please contact Tilly Carroll, CE Scheme Supervisor on (051) 389 418 for Application Form. You are also required to be registered with DSP.



Next monthly meeting

Monday, 6th November, in St. Louis Day Care Centre, starting at 2.15pm. Come along for a chat with new and old friends over a cup of tea and a bun. New members welcome.

Cinema, Wexford

Trip to Omniplex Cinema, Wexford, 24th October. Film: 'The Mountain Between Us' starring Idris Elba, Kate Winslet, Beau Bridges and Dermot Mulroney.

Cost €12 - Bus leaves Ramsgrange at 12 noon sharp - Usual pickups from Ramsgrange to Wexford. To book, please call (051) 389 012 or (087) 054 4976.



There will be a Special Double Bingo Night in Campile Hall, on Monday, 30th October (Bank Holiday) starting at 8 o'clock. Prize Money for nine of the eleven games will be doubled on the night - over €2,100 in total.

Normal admission price of: Double book €10, Single book €7 and small book €3. All support would be very much appreciated.