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The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ



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Din O’Regan, Mass this Saturday.

Cyril Kelly, Mass next Saturday.

Michael English, Mass next Sunday at 11am.

May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.



JUNE 2017

National Leaders

That national leaders may firmly commit themselves to ending the arms trade, which victimizes so many innocent people.



The Eucharist (Body and Blood of Christ) is the food that God has providentially made available to us in order to nourish us on our spiritual journey. This is why in the case of the sick or those critically sick, when it is administered it is referred to as “viaticum, that is, food for the journey.” The Eucharist is one way through which God’s abiding presence continues to be with us. What this means therefore is that whenever we eat this food worthily we welcome God’s presence and he remains with, and nourishes us. In light of this, our worship of Jesus in His Body and Blood calls us to offer to God our Father a pledge of undivided faith, love and an offering of ourselves to the service of others. In the second reading Paul reminds us of the unity of the church orchestrated by sharing in the one Body and Blood of Christ. This is typical of what happens during the Eucharistic celebration, people, communities, races, and nations are united as they share in the Body and Blood of Christ. At every Mass our attention is called to the Eucharist and the Real Presence of Christ in it. The secondary focus of the feast of Corpus Christi which we celebrate today is upon the Body of Christ as it is present in the Church. The Church is called the Body of Christ because of the intimate communion which Jesus shares with his disciples. He expresses this in the gospels by using the metaphor of a body in which He is the head. This image helps keep in focus both the unity and the diversity of the Church. So each time we come together for the Eucharistic celebration, Christ makes himself available to us, he draws us closer to himself, unites us with one another as one body and He himself being the head of this one body. He equally offers himself to and for us, being both the victim and the priest. In today’s gospel Jesus vehemently and fearlessly proclaimed: “I am the living bread…The bread that I shall give is my flesh for the life of the world…if you do not eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood; you will not have life in you.” The Eucharist affects the life of our Christian communities. It is from the Eucharist that we as a Church receive our identity and mission. It is not something we do simply to commemorate what Jesus did for us. Rather it is something that Christ does for us, filling us with grace and nourishing us with His own life. Therefore we must live and worship the Eucharistic Christ, in a spirit of faith and prayer, a spirit of forgiveness, joy and concern for all our brothers and sisters with whom “we form one single body.”



The Eucharist is essentially and of its very nature a community action in which every person present is expected to be an active participant. We are here, on the one hand, recalling what makes us Christians in the first place – our identification with the life, suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus. And that identification with Jesus is expressed not through a one-to-one relationship with him but in a community relationship with him present in all those who call themselves Christian. We relate to him through his Risen Body, which is the whole community bearing his name. There is no place in Christianity for individualism. It is a horizontal faith: we go to God with and through those around us. Every Lord’s Day we come together as that Body, as a community, to say thanks to him and hence the name “Eucharist” which means “thanks”. It is regrettable, then, if we are only in church to “keep the Third Commandment” on a purely private, individual, devotional basis. With that mentality, it will not be surprising if we think it does not matter if we are late or leave early. Because, with that mentality, “going to Mass” is a private affair for me and all the others who “happen” to be there, too.



Jesus, may Your pure and healthy blood circulate in my ailing organism, and may Your pure and healthy body transform my weak body, and my healthy and vigorous life throb within me, if it’s truly Your holy will. Amen.



This Week: (1) Martin Kennedy, Diane O'Hara & Peggy Colfer.

Next Week: (2) Dora Kent, Ann French & Peggy Colfer.



24th June

Ciss Wallace & Mary Wallace

1st July

Caroline Bennett & Catherine Ennis



The World Priest Rosary Rally takes place on 23rd June, in Our Lady's Island at 8pm. Please come along and pray for your priest.



The Annual Pattern (Blessing of the Graves) will be held on Saturday, 1st July, 2017 starting in The Glasís (between the Fort and the Quay) at 6.15pm, the Old Cemetery at 6.30pm and the New Cemetery after Mass at 7pm.



Corpus Christi Procession on this Sunday, 18th June, starting with Mass in Rowe St. Church, Wexford. Chief Celebrant, Bishop Denis Brennan. The procession will then move off to Bride St. Church, via School St. followed by Benediction in Bride St. Church. The Public and groups who are not attending the Mass, are asked to assemble in the grounds of Rowe St. Church before 12.30pm. Everyone welcome.



On Saturday, 1st July at 2pm in Parnell Square, Dublin. Buses have been arranged & will collect at St Leonards, Adamstown, Cushenstown and New Ross. To book place on bus, please contact Martin on (087) 259 6159. This will be the most important Rally for Life ever so please come along and stand up for the most sacred of all rights - the Right To Life.



The annual Bannow & Rathangan Show takes place in Killag on Thursday, 13th July. Schedules are now available to download from our website:

www.bannowrathanganshow.com or from Secretary Liz Freeman, on (087) 756 0871. Closing Date for entries is Tuesday, 27th June.



Duncannon FC is holding its AGM in The Strand Tavern on Friday, 30th June, at 8pm. All are welcome.



The third annual St James G.A.A. Club Barn Dance will take place on Saturday, 15th July, in Shielbaggan. Tickets for the night will go on sale in the coming week and will be available in local shops and through all members of the club. There will be good music, great food and most of all plenty of banter to be had on the night.



The Sand Sculpting Festival Committee will hold a meeting on Tuesday, 20th June, at 9pm in the lounge of the Strand Tavern. New committee members are needed to ensure the continuation and success of the festival so we would appreciate your attendance.



The Hope Cancer Support Centre will hold its annual Summer Solstice 5K Walk and Ceremony of Light and Healing in Curracloe Beach on Wednesday, 21st June, at 8pm. Everyone is invited to come along and be part of this very special ceremony and to enjoy a peaceful and serene walk on this beautiful beach.



A Social Evening takes place in Mary Teresa Redmond's, Millview, Foulksmills on Saturday, 8th July, from 5pm to 9pm. This event is in aid of Co. Wexford Community Workshop (Enniscorthy) CLG. Refreshments will be served all evening. There will be musical entertainment on stage with many talented musicians and a bouncy castle for the children. Please support this worthy cause and bring along a friend.



For Tomorrow, Sunday, 18th June, we will have a 10% discount off all art works valued at €80 or over. (Not applicable with Gift vouchers)



On Saturday, 1st July and Sunday, 2nd July Co. Wexford Garden & Flower Club will celebrate its 50th Birthday with a Horticultural and Flower Show in the EPA Centre, Johnstown Castle, and a display of ‘Art on the Land’ in the castle grounds. Enjoy a day with a difference as you follow a ‘Trail of Romance’ with exhibits starting by the EPA Centre, tracking down to the castle and around the lake. Without revealing too much information, you may see a drift of ‘magical’ mushrooms, a host of hearts, a bicycle “made for two” standing by a picnic for the romantic couple……and, of course the final arrangement is titled ‘…and so to bed!’. Expect the unexpected! The show will be opened by Lord Longford Thomas Pakenham, and music & song will be provided by The Silvertones Choir.



Duncannon National School Parents Association

June Results 2017

1st €500: Michelle O Neill

Seller’s €50: Kayla & Kai Butler

2nd €100: Kevin Connolly

3rd €50: Therese Smyth

4th €50: Sandra Doyle

5th €50: Rea Dillon



This week’s winner of Split the Pot is Mai Todd, Duncannon, who won €117. Congrats Mai. How do you play? You can buy a ticket in any of the local shops or pubs.



1. At a cinema, which arm rest is yours?

2. In the word SCENT is the ‘S’ silent or the ‘C’?

3. If people evolved from monkeys, why are monkeys still around?

4. Why is there a ‘D’ in fridge but not in refrigerator?

5. Who knew what time it was when the first clock was made?