A Brief Parish and Church History

      Our Church, dedicated to "Our Lady", Star Of The Sea, was built in 1896 and was then the second church of Ramsgrange Parish.       

      The Parish of Ramsgrange dates from 1863. Until then, it was one of the four curacies of 'The Hook', namely Ramsgrange, Duncannon, Templetown and Poulfur. Following the death of V. Rev. George Canon Murphy P.P. (who had been Parish Priest of 'The Hook' for 27 years) on the 17th March 1863, Bishop Furlong divided 'The Hook' into the parishes of Ramsgrange and Templetown. Rev. Thomas Doyle C.C. became the first Parish Priest of Ramsgrange on the 17th March 1863. He had been appointed as 'Administrator of Ramsgrange and Duncannon' in May of the previous year. He had also been the curate in Duncannon between 1853 and 1858.       

      On 6th November 1972, Duncannon was constituted a seperate Parish and V. Rev. Fr. James Cummins P.P. was appointed the first Parish Priest. In failing health, he retired to his family home on 10th September 1977 and was succeeded by V. Rev. Nicholas Canon Power P.P., who ministered until his retirement on 30th August 1997. His successor was V. Rev. Fr. Jim Furlong, P.P. who remained until the arrival of the present incumbant, V. Rev. Fr. John Nolan P.P., on 17th July 2004.



V. Rev. John P. Nolan P.P.